Open up and connect more, in a fun, easy way. With anyone at any time.

Download this great little game of questions you can play with family or friends, no matter what their age. You could even use the questions as journal prompts!

Lent Easter Image

What’s in this download?

In this PDF, you’ll find a print-ready list of questions we’ve made into a kind of game we’re calling Openings. Included are some simple instructions. You can use this as something you play with others or just for personal reflection and journaling… whatever works for you.

After the difficult year we’ve all had in 2020 and the ongoing challenges of 2021, you may be feeling… Undone. We designed this to help you open up and share more of your honest feelings and thoughts, and to help you and those you love feel closer to each other, to your own spirits, and perhaps… to God.




A different way to “do” Lent…without shoulds or shame. 

We created this to be used during Lent (the roughly six weeks before Easter) by our church family at Winnetka Congregational Church… a non-denominational, LGBTQ-inclusive, family-friendly, justice-oriented church just north of Chicago. Lent is a time of self-examination and prayer. For lots of folks, when they think about Lent, they think about the practice of giving something up for this special season. Around here… we’re taking a fresh look. We’re seeing Lent as a time to release some of what we’ve been holding in, holding back, or leaving unspoken… in order to find healing and hope. That’s how Openings came to be. And we wanted to share it with anyone who might need it, too.

At Winnetka Congregational Church, we’re dedicated to being a faith community that is inclusive, open-minded, and whole-heartedly invested in creating a space where no questions are off the table and honest conversations thrive. Because we believe that’s precisely the kind of life Jesus invites us to live.

If you’re looking for a church like that, we’d love for you to join us sometime. You can join our virtual Sunday gatherings, which premiere at 10am CST on YouTube, as well as this year’s special events for Lent and Easter, and worship with folks from all over the United States and even from other countries.

Feel free to check us out anytime.