A Note from Pastor Jeff

Hoping You’ll Join Us for Remembrance Sunday (November 7 at 10 A.M. CT)

Two of our most ardent human desires are to remember. And to be remembered. Arguably, only our desires to love and to be loved are more primal.

Our ability to remember—and the reassurance that we, too, will be remembered—are sacred, in part, because they link us to past, present, and future, alike. And because they connect us mutually to those who’ve gone on before us. To those who’ll succeed us. And, most deeply… to God. Whose memory endures even when human faculties fade and human lives end.

Quite literally, to re-member (intentionally hyphenated for emphasis) is to draw another person or group back into union with oneself.  It’s also how we prevent people or events from ever becoming distanced or dimmed, disconnected or lost.

Remembrance Sunday (this November 7 at 10 A.M. Central Time) offers us numerous ways to remember. Through Scripture and song. Through movement and stillness. Through Communion and candle-lighting. And, as always… through our mutual connection in the Spirit.

Whether in person or online, we pray you’ll share the gift of your presence. As, together… we remember. And as God… remembers us.

On November 7, let’s gather in God’s love, commune at Christ’s table, and gently kindle memory’s sacred flame.

God’s Peace,


Jeff Braun
Senior Pastor
Pronouns: He/Him/His